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Why do You need to Change Gmail Password?

  • Changing your Google email or Gmail password on a regular basis is a good piece of advice because it ensures that no one can acquire your password and use it to investigate or look around stealth fully in an attempt to find out something, especially information about one's private affairs.

    Many people use their Gmail account on a range of devices such as smart phones and tablets which considerably increases the chances of your passwords being compromised. For example, if someone is able to compromise Gmail password, they can anytime log into your account and monitor all your private communications or could start weird communications with your known ones in Gmail contact list.Logically, changing your passwords on a regular basis, perhaps every few months, will help you avoid this from happening. In this case, even if someone could acquire your password, they would only have a few months/days to use their access for a wicked purpose.

    Send Introductory Series of Email from Your Gmail Account

    Also, changing your Gmail password is more of a protective feature than the actual security. Technically, almost any password can be cracked by the hackers. Thus, even if your password contains a great combination of letters, numbers and special characters, it could be cracked easily. So the hacker would have access to your account. But, changing Google email password from your end reduces the possibility of hacking chances to a huge extent.

    What combination of keys must be used in the password?

    There are 26 letters in the English alphabet series. But if you add the 10 numbers and the 20-25 non-alphanumeric characters, you have more than sixty characters to use while looking to change Gmail password. Also, as we all know that password is case sensitive, so we can user both the upper and lower case letters for passwords.  This increases the security of your password and reduces the possibility of someone guessing it.

    Is it preferable to use a variant of your old password?

    People are compromised by their own habits. If someone can observe your daily habits, he/she would be able to predict what you are going to do next. The same is true for your password preferences. Once you get into a habit of using a password and someone learns your password, and now if you have used a variant of that password, it is not going to take more than a few minutes for that person to guess your new password and break into your computer account.  And then they can use your account to commit crimes.



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