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Why We Need Online and Offline Security

  • Privacy is always a concern for us being a human. We want a secure and contended life, so in this technical era, it’s not completely possible for us to forget about online Security. When we are surfing the internet then invaders can certainly attack our security and that’s a really serious matter to be thought upon and most of the victims of this attack are social media users like Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter etc. and because of that they face lots of issues like unable to login, unable to reset Facebook password and don’t know how to recover Yahoo account password

    Our system or Pc might have data which is top secret or is only to be shared with people whom we intend to, for this we adopt various security measures. Still hackers and invaders are being smarter and are ready to attack those areas which they feel are vulnerable.

     You actually need to know why you must adopt security measures because you cannot always beat the bush.

     The initial thing is that your data on computer is only yours and if you are running  an organized company then all the details are certainly indispensible part of your company`s profile, so if your wont have an additional software to protect it, then it might threaten your work

    The other significant thing, which is not to be ignored, is that while you are surfing the internet then you visit the plethora of websites, which may intrude on your privacy. In that case you have two installed antivirus with complete security features like online security and offline security, but sometime user unable to install antivirus due to lack of technical knowledge. In that case the user can take the help of antivirus technical support for the complete and manual instruction of the antivirus installation.

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